Race Instructions (EN)

Jeseniky Marathon – Endurance Mountain Run

15th year of Jeseniky Marathon

12th year of Jeseniky Halfmarathon


The competition is part of Velká cena vytrvalců Olomouckého kraje 2023.



Saturday 19 August 2023


Marathon 10:00 Ramzová - cable car station heading to Černava 800 m.n.m. (the map)
Halfmarathon 11:00 Červenohorské sedlo, beginning of red tourist route E3 markers behind the main road. (the map)


Saddle Skřítek 877 m. n. m. (the map)


Registration on-line on https://jesenickymaraton.cz/registrace or at the start to filling the capacity of 700 competitors.


It is obligatory to do personal presentation at the start in the competition day.

Marathon 8:00 - 9:30 Mountain Rescue Building at Ramzová (the map)
Halfmarathon 8:00 - 10:30 Hotel Červenohorské sedlo (web page, the map)

Runners are obligatory to sign the statement they start on their own responsibility. They obtain route map.

Race payment

The entry fee is payable within 5 days of registration, but no later than 8 am on August 18, 2023, to the account numbers listed below:

Payments in CZK

Account number: 2901133897 / 2010
IBAN: CZ11 2010 0000 0029 0113 3897


Payments in EUR

Account number:2402123870 / 2010
IBAN: CZ34 2010 0000 0024 0212 3870


880 CZK37 € 1st - 100th registered race competitor
990 CZK41 € 101st - 250th registered race competitor
1100 CZK46 € 251st - 500th registered race competitor
1200 CZK50 € 501st - 700th race competitor
1300 CZK54 € at the place in the day of the race


Men A 18 – 39 years old
Men B 40 – 49 years old
Men C 50 years and older
Women F 18 – 39 years old
Women G 40 years and older

The inclusion of a competitor in the relevant category is based on the year of birth.

Route Comments

Mandatory race briefing for all runners at start point!

Marathon 9:45
Halfmarathon 10:45

Distance and route

Marathon 42 km; Ramzova – Obri skaly – chata Jiriho on Serak – Keprnik – Cervenohorske Sedlo – Svycarna – Praded (vrchol) – Ovcarna – Vysoka hole – Ztracene kameny – Skritek.. Elevation according mapy.cz is 1 780 m.
Halfmarathon 22 km; Cervenohorske Sedlo – Svycarna – Praded (rozcesti) – Ovcarna – Vysoka hole – Ztracene kameny – Skritek.  Elevation according mapy.cz is 730 m.

Jeseniky marathon takes runners on the main peaks of the Hruby Jesenik mountains. The course follows the mountain ridge with its highest point Praded (1491 m. a. s. l.). The course is extremely challenging with the paved as well as unpaved paths / trails. There are some truly stunning sections of the route showing off the best of Jeseniky mountains scenery. The course is marked mainly with Czech Tourist Club (KCT) red route E3 markers and also with special race markings where necessary (Map KCT no. 55):

Time limit

Marathon 6 hours and 30 minutes
Halfmarathon 6 hours

Age limit

18 years old


All participants are recommended to provide individual health insurance. Organizer assumes no responsibility for damage to property or injury associated with the route and participation in the race.


Microchip implemented in starting number + electronic gates on the route.

Feeding stations

Water, hypotonic sport drink, fruit, sweets, chocolate, etc. - Svycarna and Ovcarna.
Water, hypotonic sport drink – Serak, Jeleni studanka.

Warm food, beer and beverages is possible to buy at Skritek.

Prices and winner announcement

First three runners in all categories will receive prices and diplomas. Runners who asked and registered till 30 June 2023 obtain a special race t-shirt. Award ceremony will take place at about 14:00 at the finish point at Skritek.

The organizer guarantees the selected size and type of T-shirt (men / women) only upon registration till 30 June 2023.


Drop bag deposit available, all bags will be delivered to finish location at Skritek. The organizer does not warrant for delivery.
There is a possibility to transport runners by bus from finish area to the start before the race.
The race goes in CHKO Jeseniky (protected area). The competitors have to respect CHKO rules and traffic rules.
The results will be in finish area and on jesenickymaraton.cz, www.liga100.cz.
Detailed information will be mentioned close to competition date.
Running with dog is prohibited.


3THX sportovní klub – sport club

Báječné ženy v běhu

Jeseniky marathon director

Tomáš Holas
mobile: +420 723 310 092
E-mail: info@jesenickymaraton.cz

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